• Report Cards will be distributed during W4 today. April 11, 2014

  • Depression Awareness Training for Teachers will be held during W2, W6 and W8 in Room 250 April 11, 2014

  • Varsity Soccer Doubleheader at Mt. Vernon. G @ 5:30 pm; B @ 7:30 pm April 11, 2014

  • Today is the National Day of Silence. April 11, 2014

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Artist in the Spotlight: Rackel Jurdi


Senior Rackel Jurdi has been singing and performing from a young age. Most know her for singing at various events around AHS, such as AHS Filament’s Coffeehouses, STAND Benefit Concerts, and AHS’s 2011 Battle of the Bands, showing off her powerful vocals and graceful stage presence. Recently, Jurdi debuted one of her original songs at the Landon Azalea Festival, hitting on the sensitive issue of a relationship that went wrong.

Writing on her home keyboard, Jurdi is influenced by dark ballads, pop/rock hits and her own Lebanese roots in creating eclectic songs with an Arab or rock feel, catchy ballads and meaningful lyrics that tell the stories of her own life. One of Jurdi’s proudest accomplishments is going back to Wyoming every year to perform in front of thousands of veterans and their families, as well as recording her own music on the side.

See her first music video at the AHS Film Festival on June 10.

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