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Geometry students present their visual projects

Geometry students present their visual projects

Shira Steinberg

Clausen Hall was full of several geometry projects in the morning through the early afternoon.

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Looking into the lecture hall you see a sea of little towns, each with their own banks, libraries, and houses. Some are quite complicated, made with food while others are simply made of paint and paper.

One can’t tell just from looking, but each town is filled with important lines and angles that this year’s geometry students need to know.

“We did this project to help us understand the transversal lines and exterior angles and just the lines that we were learning in geometry,” freshman Lara Riad said.

Many students have trouble with the visual part of geometry, so the project was supposed to help them visualize what each line and angle looked like.

“Once you actually see how they are displayed in actual reality it makes it easier to understand,” sophomore Dre Wright said.

Even though the project was a lot of work, many students enjoyed it because they got to use their hands.

“I liked building, like making and painting the houses,” Wright said.

Even though students had fun while making their projects, they still think that teachers could have made some improvements.

“I wish we had a longer time to finish because we got this project right after we finished another project so there was a lot of work to do,” Riad said.

Overall, the geometry project was a success, helping students understand the material while allowing them to enjoy themselves.

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