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Class of 2017 Prom

Lennon Wuhrer, Social Media Manager

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Students set sail on the first ever prom on a boat in AHS history on June 9. For months students have been excited about the illusive boat that they will be embarking on and have not stopped talking about the night’s potential.

Students were required to arrive in the cafeteria no later than 6:15 p.m. to be later placed on an ordinary school bus that would take students to D.C..

After driving in the rush hour’s typical bumper-to -bumper traffic, students arrived in the District Wharf approximately 50 minutes later.  

“The ride was bad, I got sick because of the stop and go traffic,” junior attendee Mckenzie Yi said.  

Once in D.C., students boarded The Spirit of Washington cruise boat. The boat included four levels, multiple DJ’s, buffet style dinner, rooftop panoramic view of the beautiful city lights and more.   

“I enjoyed the upper deck because it was such a beautiful night and it’s cool to be on the water looking at the city, “ said 2017 Class President Matthew Vogus.

The boat included several levels, each corresponded with a different type of music.

“I liked hearing the international music on the S.A.M. floor but my favorite floor was the Hip Hop/Rap floor on the bottom level,” Yi said.

Prior to setting sail, students had to purchase tickets at a cost of $100, and after two weeks of sales to price went up even further. “I thought Prom was worth the money because it included the dinner, however, as the Class President I would probably not to do it again because the money was too much.“ Yi said. Despite the initial difficulty due to the cost and the transportation, the boat provided an unique experience.

“Personally, I think it [the cost] was just because it was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it took away the cost from dinner and other things too. I think I would choose Prom on a boat again because it was such a unique and beautiful experience once we got in the boat that tops any normal prom experience, I know it was a memory that will last forever.” Vogus said.

“I thought it was really different, but I enjoyed it! It was nice to see Prom at a different location other than a hotel,”Yi said.

Seniors also enjoyed their prom away from a hotel.

“Overall, I though the night went really well and I had a really great time. I’m happy that this is how we are ended our senior year.” Vogus said.


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Class of 2017 Prom