Ariana Grande accused of copying tune in new song “7 Rings”

Dilan Yousif, Staff Writer

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Singer Ariana Grande released her second single from her upcoming album “Thank U, Next” on Friday, Jan. 18.  After her break-up with former Fiancee Pete Davidson, Grande went on a shopping spree with her six best friends where she bought them and herself ‘engagement’ rings. That’s how the song “7 Rings” was reportedly inspired.

However, amidst all the success she has gotten, she has also received a lot of controversy for the song. Two artists have accused Grande of copying their tune in her new song.

Rapper Destiny Frasqueri, aka Princess Nokia, posted a video on Instagram of her listening to Grande’s new song. In the video Nokia is seen to be pointing out the similarities of Grande’s song and her 1992 song, “Mine”.

“Does that sound familiar to you, because that sounds really familiar to me,” Nokia said.

She specifically points out a verse from Grande’s song, which says, “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it.”

“Ain’t that the little song I made about brown women and their hair?” Nokia said.

DeAndre Cortez Way, aka Soulja Boy, has made similar accusations regarding to the song. A news clip that compared “ 7 Rings” and “Pretty Boy Swag” went viral. After, it came to his attention that “7 Rings” sounds very similar to his song “Pretty Boy Swag”.  He re-posted the clip and wrote, “Ariana!?”. Afterwards, he took to Twitter and directly replied to Grande’s tweets saying, “Give me my credit. Period.”

“I really doubt that Ariana Grande copied their tune,” sophomore Israa Kay said. “That tune is pretty common in most songs.”

Regardless of the controversy, “7 Rings” is continuously rising in success. The song, “7 Rings”,  was #1 on trending on YouTube, with over 10 million views and 1 million likes, and all in less than 24 hours. With over 12 million streams, “7 Rings” now has the biggest debut for any single in Spotify history.

“Honestly, I think it’s just a coincidence that they seem a little similar,” sophomore Yasmeen Othman said. “I think people just get bored and want to make a big deal out of the smallest things possible.”

Ariana Grande has yet to respond to these accusations.