Arts goes D.I.Y.


Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess blog

Online bloggers have gone from rare to trendy, overtaking the Internet through a surfeit of high-fashion critics and domestic superhumans. From cupcakes to concerts, blogging represents an online community; nay, nation; that has spunk, personality, and answers. The answers that puzzle even the most intelligible—how do I decorate my ugly bedroom? Is my love life a failure? How can I get this stain out? The informal world of blogging is a pool of information for a generation that craves solutions. The recent spike in popularity of do-it-yourself arts and crafts projects is due in part to various blogs of the type, those including I Spy DIY and How About Orange.

My fellow arts editor and I recently perused through some of these blogs and found one with an arts and crafts project that would look good on any wall. Pick your favorite song lyrics and get ready to become obsessed with do-it-yourself wall art.

What you’ll need:

  • Paint (color of your choice)
  • Vintage painting or picture
  • Letter stickers
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Find a picture or painting that you won’t miss from your stash.

Step 2 – Pick your favorite lyrics or phrase.

Step 3 -Cut out and stick the letter stickers forming your favorite lyrics/phrase on the painting/picture.

Step 4 – Paint over the painting/picture and letters.

Step 5 – Wait for it to dry and then peel off the stickers.

Step 6 – Find a place to hang it and voilà! You just made customized wall art!


Click here for photo references.