Giant crepe paper rose

Photo by Studio Castillero

Make that special someone a giant paper rose for Valentine’s Day. Although it may seem challenging, it was made from the heart.

Materials (for one giant rose):

• 1 Roll of floral tape
• 6 18-gauge floral stem wire
• 4 sheets of Doublette crepe paper for petals (can find it here – the doublette crepe is $2.50 per sheet and each sheet measures 10
x 49 inches)
• 1 sheet of Doublette crepe paper in green for leaves, calyx, stem
• 1 round pencil
• Craft Glue (visit AC Moore, Michael’s or your local craft store)
• Crepe paper templates (download from Martha Stewart)
• 3 copies of teardrop template
• 8 copies of the heart-shaped template
• 2 copies of the leaf template
• 1 copy of the calyx template