18 seniors display artwork prior to IB exams


Carina Chu

Senior Kelsey Pendergast dedicated “The Common Soldier” to history teacher Greg Commons and his son, Matthew.

Clausen Hall was filled with the works of IB Visual Arts seniors. Students exhibited their artwork this evening from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The IB Art show is a chance for IB Visual Arts students to display their artwork prior to their IB exams. The exams are usually given a few days after the art show.

“The students pick their own themes to present on and have worked on their projects since usually junior year,” art teacher Meredith Stevens said. “This gives students the experience of speaking and presenting their artwork.”

IB Art exams will take place this weekend at AHS following the art show. Students go through an interview process. They explain their work, how and why they did it and what their influences were. It is then accessed by the AHS art teachers as well as the IB Visual Arts team.

The number of artworks required vary by level. IB standard level (SL) required 8 to 12 art pieces while higher level (HL) had to complete 15 to 18 artworks.

Students were able to choose a theme or motif to base their artworks on.

“The project we present is a lot of small pieces made over the years put together. My theme is hearts,” senior Amanda Wegner said. “I have been working on mine for two years but switched themes the end of junior year.”

“I focused more on fantasy creatures,” senior Brian Khong said. “I narrowed it down to dragons.”

Some students focused more on realistic themes, such as overcoming tragedies.

“My theme was ‘fighters,’ people who stay positive after encountering tragedies,” senior Kelsey Pendergast said.

Pendergast’s “Linda’s New Lungs” is dedicated to a family friend who had a lung transplant. She had a total of eight artworks for her IB exam.

It took two days to prepare Clausen Hall for the reception. Their preparations and hard work paid off.

“They did a phenomenal job,” art teacher Meredith Stevens said. “They put together a show that represents themselves and shows the true portrayal of who they are as artists.”