2013 VMAs gets a little crazy

2013 VMAs gets a little crazy

After this years MTV Video Music Awards, it is official, Miley Cyrus has officially lost her marbles. As if showing up dressed in a teddy bear leotard surrounded by women holding giant teddy bears was not enough, she went on to take off the leotard revealing a latex, nude-colored bikini.
“The first word that came to mind when I saw Miley Cyrus onstage was disgusting,” sophomore Jeanine Barakat said. “Her make, hair and outfit were all just too weird.”
After performing her catchy yet wildly inappropriate song, We Can’t Stop, she joined Robin Thicke in singing his provocative song, Blurred Lines. Even Cyrus’s most devoted fans were completely horrified.
“After seeing the performance, I want Hannah Montana back,” senior Amy Reynolds said.
Many other celebrities such as Will Smith were photographed with a horrified look on their faces (the picture turned out to be taken at another time but you can point out Rihanna’s and One Direction’s picture, or just point out on the side that it turned out to be irrelevant); not even the wildest performers have ever been that crazy onstage. Cyrus’ mother, Tish was shown giving her daughter a standing ovation at the end of the songs only further confusing viewers.

However, even before the Cyrus drama, Lady Gaga made her appearance after what has seemed like an eternity in hiding. Gaga came on stage in a odd-looking square shaped headpiece and a nun inspired dress. Within the four minute song, Gaga changed outfits four times going from a square headed nun to a disco diva to a flashy dancer to a mermaid. Despite the crazy outfits, Gaga came onstage looking healthier and in some ways normal. Many are used to Gaga’s wild fashion sense but compared to her past outfits, any of those for outfits would be considered safe. Unlike Cyrus, even Gaga’s haters were excited to see the “queen” back on her throne.

Ask any girl who watched the VMA’s what her favorite part of the awards ceremony was and they will all tell you the same thing; Justin Timberlake’s performance before receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Music Award. For his performance, Timberlake brought out all the old yet iconic songs of his and surprised everyone by bringing back the other members of NSYNC. It is easy to say that not even the girls who were born at the time of Timberlake’s fame were swooning. To add to his appeal, Timberlake was extremely humble and gracious when receiving his award from Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake also received video of the year for his song, Mirrors.

One of the smaller yet still popular stories of the night is Taylor Swift. In her acceptance speech for Best Female Video for I Knew You Were Trouble, Swift pointedly thanked one special guy for inspiring her song. At that moment all cameras were pointed at One Direction’s Harry Styles who is Swift’s most recent ex-boyfriend. In other words, she had officially confirmed that I Knew You Were Trouble was about the Directioner. For the hard-core One Direction fans, Swift’s comment was call for war but for Swift’s fans, this was just another song about another boy.
“I thought it was hilarious when Taylor Swift called Harry Styles out,” Barakat said.

Throughout MTV VMA history, there have been many historic moments but it is surely safe to say that this year’s VMAs was filled with iconic moments in music history.