Chorus students visit the Old Presbyterian Meeting House

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, chorus students visited the Old Presbyterian Meeting House where they sang holiday music for the church.

“They have this service where they invite a choir to come sing holiday songs and so we sang five seasonal songs to put them in the Christmas spirit,” senior Jamiah Harrison said.

Choir students really enjoyed the experience they had with friends and the members of the church.

“I got to experience something new and I loved seeing the look on people’s faces because they were so excited,” Harrison said.

Not only was it an eye opening experience but it was also an educational one.

“Well we learned a lot! This was the place where George Washington’s funeral service was held,” Harrison said.

This was a new experience for the chorus students and was something they really looked forward to.

“I want to be a choral music teacher and it’s nice to know what I will possibly be doing in the future; it was great,” Harrison sad.

Chorus students went on this trip for a holiday performance called Noonday Noel.

“Once a week they invite a musical group to perform at noontime at the church. We were invited to sing,” said senior Tabitha Barnes.

The choir students prepared for this by singing songs and getting in the Christmas spirit.

“We had our winter concert the night before, so we sang some of our music from that. It was a good way to get ready,” Barnes said.

The choir students really enjoyed the time they had with their friends and teachers. It was a great experience for them to learn new things and meet new people.