District 10 auditions begin

Brandon Cao, 11, tenor:

Why did you audition for District Chorus?
“I auditioned because I am in the top choir at school and it’s a very fun experience. The fun part is the auditioning part. You get to experience what it would be like to audition for a college and learn how to improve your singing based off of the notes they provide on your score sheet.”

Why do you believe people should audition for districts?
“I think they should audition to improve themselves as singers and feel a sense of achievement if they make it into districts. It has definitely helped me in the past. I have been able to find out what I need to improve on when I sing, and I have become an all-around better performer because of it.”

Iris Tran, 11, alto:

Why do you think it was important to audition?
“I think it was important to audition because it helped all of us as a choir to improve our singing skills and take risks for future performances. Our director Mr. Vaughn also encouraged all of us to audition. Even though it was nerve wracking, it was also really fun to be with my classmates and just have a good time. I would definitely try out again next year to boost my level of confidence and do better.”

What tips would you give people who are auditioning?
“You should just practice your music to calm your nerves, that way when you audition you feel secure. Try to surround yourself with positive people and be in the presence of a positive energy.”

Jackson Fornaris, 11, tenor:

How has your experience with District Chorus been?
“I was very nervous, but it’s actually the easiest thing in the world. It’s just a mental game. I got to learn from really experienced choir directors and musicians from our district. We all made beautiful music with each other.”

How would you compare this year’s experience with last year’s?
“This year, I felt more comfortable going into the audition. I just made sure I came prepared and clear-minded. I think that if you do that, you’ll be fine. It’s a very relaxed environment and there’s nothing to stress over.”

Ishat Hannan, 10, violin:

Why did you audition for District Orchestra?
“I auditioned for District Orchestra because I wanted to further my playing abilities and meet talented musicians. It was a very professional experience and I was very excited about that. I definitely believe that more students should audition for it. Even if you don’t make it in the experience is truly worth it.”

How did you feel about your audition?
“I’m not sure. I feel like anyone who auditions thinks they did worse than they actually did, so I’ll have to wait until I get my scores back. I’ve talked to a lot of people for advice and they told me it was scary but once you get the audition over with it feels better. That didn’t apply to me however. I was scared from the moment I stepped into the school and until the moment I got back into my car.”

Jason Escobar, 11, violin:

What was it like to audition for District Orchestra?
“It’s a learning experience. You are not able to see the judges, but that’s kind of what it feels like to audition for a college orchestra or a professional orchestra. You don’t really know anybody because everyone who is auditioning is from a different school. When we audition we play a short excerpt so it’s hard to know what the whole song is like.”

Why do you want to be a part of District Orchestra?
“I’ve been a part of it before and it was a very fun yet realistic experience. You are in an orchestra where you don’t know anyone, so you get a chance to learn from one other. You get a couple of months to practice the music on your own and then three days to rehearse with the whole orchestra, which is how professional orchestras work.”

Jenna Saykhamphone, 9, bass:

How would you compare your past experience with District Orchestra to your recent one?
“The first time I did it, I was in 7th grade. I was adjusting to how different orchestra was in middle school and how it was harder, so trying out for districts was definitely a challenge. This time around, it felt easier. I felt more prepared than last time. It certainly did require more preparation, but it was worth it.”

What excites you the most about districts?
“The challenging music and getting to play with other people is rewarding. I think that playing with people that have different techniques and playing skills makes it exciting and something different.”