Van Gogh lives on through digital art

Exhibition creates an all age memorable experience


courage to attempt anything,” said Vincent Van Gogh. Is the quote visitors are met with as they first enter the Van Gogh immersive experience. The Van Gogh exhibition is an immersive art experience located in
many cities worldwide including Washington D.C. in the Rhode Island Center. The experience consists of a multi-room showcase of Van Gogh’s work displayed in a uniquely immersive way in order to take a new look at the already
famously known works of Vincent Van Gogh. The experience features a 20,000 square foot room with animated works of Van Gogh’s painting protected over the room that incorporates over 200 pieces of Van Gogh’s artistry.
The first areas of the experience consisted of timelines and stories of Van Gogh’s life and many displays of his
work. The first area also includes a 3D vase with changing projections of his different sunflowers, irises, and roses from his paintings. It also included a 3D lifesize display of the three slightly different versions of “The Bedroom.” helping the painting truly come to life. The exhibit also dives into Van Gogh’s Japanese-inspired art, his love of
sunflowers, and how that is reflected in his pieces and his many self-portraits. The real focal point of the experience
was in the lightroom. The projections consisted of three different parts. Part One “His Works A Virtual Museum,” Part Two “Complete Immersion Lose Yourself In Color And Light,” and Part Three “The Convert Fighting Against
The Darkness.” The 20,000 square foot lightroom features socially distant seating as you can enjoy the projected 360 degree animated displays of Van Gogh’s work accompanied with quotes from his life and music. The projection
told a story of his life through his art and featured some of his most well known work “A Starry Night.” The projection room provided a chance to be surrounded by beautifulworks of art in a very unique and
special way. This is an all-age experience and after the lightroom there is a coloring station with Van Gogh coloring pages and a chance for you to upload your work to have it featured on the room’s walls. The experience also had an opportunity for a ten-minute virtual reality session, “a day in the life of an artist,” as part of the VIP package or an
extra $5 fee. Tickets ranged from $30-$65 depending on the customer’s package and age. The main credits to this experience are to the Ceo and Creative Director  Mario Lacampo, Artistic direction Mario Lacampo and Orphee Cataldo and executive producer Hamza El Hazar and John Zaller, research teamSerena Badiali and retrace as well as
other many talented people who helped put this show together.Student tickets are only $30. The show started in D.C. in August of 2021 and has just now been extended to March of 2022. The experience onlytakes about 60-75 minutes to complete and is well worth the time and money. This is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss out on. Check out the website to buy tickets.