The postives of joining a musical elective

Students share how musical electives make school interesting and fun


While there are many electives to choose from, chorus, band and orchestra have all been popular choices for students during their k-12 experience. What makes these electives so popular among students?
There are a wide range of benefits from choosing a musical elective. Not only does it breed self expression and creativity, it is a great outlet for students to destress, communicate and bond with other students while being a part of an ensemble producing and learning a new musical skill.
AHS creates a welcoming community for students to perform in a loving environment with the support from their classmates and friends.
Being a part of a musical elective also is a great break from the stress of a normal school day. It allows students a break from their prefixed schedule with something they get to enjoy.
“My favorite part about being in a musical elective would have to be being able to do the hard work without doing it. What I mean is that I get my credits and the experience for something that I love to do,” Hector Alvarez said.
“I only focus on the music piece and what I can improve on, rather than homework or tests which is a great way I can destress from normal school,” Allison Coria-Tarazona said.
Music is a great form of self expression and helps students express their creativity through their passion for music.
“I love to sing, so being inchorus helps me express myself through my voice. Which is something very special and I love that I get to do,” sophomore Anaya Thompson said.
Music provides many chances for creativity and expression, but there are many academic positives to the classes as well.
Learning an instrument is a great skill to have and can look very impressive on college applications. Not only does it help you stand out in applications academically, musical electives can help you learn different languages from all around the world, improve study habits and help your teamwork skills as you work with your ensemble on a daily basis. Consider adding a musical elective to our schedule next year to join the different music communities AHS has to offer.
But for some getting caught up in the same loop of the same routine can be very boring and repetitive, so in many cases breaking the routine or evenly slightly changing it up can create new ideas and help you stay away from the repetitiveness of the same daily activities. Even as little as changing a few things in your routine could spark up new ideas and get you out of an artistic block.