AP Tour 2010

On Sunday April 25th a couple hundred screaming teenage girls packed the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. With a line that wrapped halfway around the venue, fans were standing outside hours before the doors opened. One would expect to see an empty venue on a school night, but the show was beyond sold out. The openers included pop-rock bands The Summer Set, Hey Monday, Every Avenue, The Cab and headliner Never Shout Never.

“I was there for Never Shout Never and got really exited when he came on stage,” said sophomore Nisreen Al-Suqi. Al-Suqi says she enjoyed the show and that “[She’s] never been to the 9:30 Club before.” For anyone who hasn’t attended a show at the 9:30 Club, it’s a great venue. The location isn’t exactly safe, but the diversity of the shows draw in musicians of every genre.

“My friend called me at like one in the morning that day and asked if I wanted to go because she had an extra ticket … I’m so glad I went, it was so good!” said senior Gwen Kennedy. Kennedy was most excited to see Michigan’s pop-rock boy band Every Avenue perform. She also got the chance to meet the lead singer and front man of Every Avenue, Dave Strauchman.

As for the concert itself, it was all around awesome. But the night in its entirety seemed really short because each band’s set-list only consisted of about five songs, excluding Never Shout Never’s set. Never Shout Never’s stage time was delayed but was completely worth the wait. Christofer Drew played some songs off his newly released album This Is Love, and included some older songs too.

The entire AP Tour was primarily hosted by Alternative Press Magazine and was offering subscriptions at the show. All of the bands were fun and energetic and I would highly recommend seeing any or all of the bands the next time they tour the Northern Virginia area.