Last run for The Apprentice

“You’re Fired!” This is a phrase no one wants to hear, especially the candidates on NBC’s hit series, “The Apprentice.” “The Apprentice,” created in 2004, is a show featuring Donald Trump that tests the knowledge and abilities of a number of different candidates, all ranging in age and experience, to see who has what it takes to work for The Trump Organization. Sixteen qualified and talented candidates are called to New York City for the chance of a lifetime, a thirteen week job interview with Donald Trump. All of these candidates had suffered major setbacks because of the current state of the economy, and Trump tries to help them by offering one job with a six figure salary to the candidate who proves to be the most fit.

Trump creates the ultimate challenge; putting people whose lives and families are at stake onto two teams and pitting them against each other in tasks ranging from selling ice cream in New York City to running a fashion show. Each week the losing team of the task is faced with something even scarier than unemployment: the board room. Once there, the task is scrutinized to figure out what went wrong, and the person most at fault is fired and sent home. The winning project manager of each task has the prospect of meeting with a successful business man or women to discuss the path to success. After thirteen episodes, and a two part finale, “The Apprentice” was narrowed down to its two top guns, Brandy Kuentzel and Clint Robertson. Both valedictorians in their high school classes, and college graduates, Brandy and Clint were hit hard by the economic recession.

The final task was one like no other, where Brandy was faced with running a golf tournament and Clint was challenged with hosting a dinner for over 500 people and a performance by singer Liza Minnelli. Both players were worthy competitors and worked very hard to execute their tasks with perfection. Faced with minor setbacks such as poor quality golf prizes and the misspelling of Minnelli’s name on the welcoming posters, Brandy and Clint used the help of former candidates who were brought back to help them overcome these problems and complete the task to the best of their abilities. Trump was very impressed with both candidates, but felt Brandy’s confidence and desire to work alongside Trump’s children in the next generation of the Trump organization beat out Clint’s wanting to manage in Scotland. Clint was hit with Trump’s signature phrase, “You’re Fired!” and Brandy was hired into the Trump Organization.