Students interested in entertainment industry: Steve Aderton


Sophomore Steve Aderton, a dubstep producer who started out composing and mixing tracks in the confines of his basement, has hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. Several of his songs have been used in YouTube commercials, and he has even produced a song titled “Hide in the Dark” for singer/songwriter Amanda Lee.

Most recently, Aderton has recently released his first full EP “Fancy Noise,” which is available for $4.95 on iTunes. The EP is a compilation of tracks that Aderton has been working on over the course of a year. He is currently building a record label with the help of his current distributor after having scored films, as well as the soundtrack for two video games.


Q: What’s the most exciting part about releasing your first EP?

A: The actual release of my EP wasn’t as exciting as was simply creating the music. The wonderful thing about music is that to some extent, most everything needs a form of further explanation or hyperbole to be understood, but with music there’s an instant connection emotionally just by hearing it. To think I’m able to create something with that amount of power is exciting.


Q: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to produce music either for fun or professionally?

A: I am absolutely a proponent of following passions. When it comes to music, it’s a learning curve. It takes time and can be frustrating whether you’re learning an instrument like piano or guitar, or producing on computers and software. To start off, it’s good to get in the mindset that you will improve, and really while there’s other reasons to make music, at least for me, the main purpose is because it’s something that makes me happy, and that’s a healthy mindset to be able to grow in both talent and identity. But always remember why you’re making the music in the first place. Money, views and attention among other things are driving factors for too many artists when really, the music itself is what’s most important.