Grand Theft Auto V Review


The highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 5 has lived up to all the hype. The games follows the original violent gameplay but with advanced graphic and realistic hand on hand combat.

The amount of detail the creators put in making the game modern and relatable. Rather than appeal to the ideal male life, it makes the life seem practical.

The game simply throws the player into a bank heist gone wrong; rather than a lame and cliche carjacking mission. With a choice of free and manual aim, gun warfare is simpler. Besides the decreased size of the reddick the weapons afflict accurate and realistic damage.

In the past GTA received complaints about its crude humor but Rockstar games has not shied away from offending every race and gender.
The game also allows the player to connect with their character mentally. Characters can become intoxicated and under the influence of marijuana.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are more than killing masterminds, they have stories, memories, and personal problems. Michael is heavily hated his rich and distant family. Trevor is a psychotic redneck murderer with a drug addiction and a messed up childhood. Franklin is an ordinary gang banger looking to push himself up socially. These 3 unrelated characters create relationships and bonds between there fictional selves and the player.

When roaming the city several passive background characters were repeated everywhere. Along with killing gang members players can now hunt animals. The game gives the option of three different characters linked to the same job.