The Marked Ones Review


Since 2009 Paranormal Activity has produced five movies and have two yet to come. It’s latest creation The Marked Ones follows high school graduate Jesse and his friends Marisol and Hectors adventures in Oxnard, California.
Below Jesse’s apartment lived Ana. Ana was part of a coven that marked pregnant women with a bloody circle in a triangle. This mark would follow their first born son until his 18th birthday (666). Ana was murdered by Oscar; the valedictorian at Jesse’s high school. Oscar later commits suicide to avoid his demonic transformation.
Jesse, Marisol and Hector visit Ana’s apartment and find information about her coven and Jesse finds pictures of him and his pregnant mother. Paranormal occurrences start to dissolve away at Jesse’s life leaving him unresponsive and dangerous. Marisol and Hector meet with a women who enlightens them on Jesse’s transformation.
Marisol and Hector team up with Oscar’s brother and another latino gang member to stop the ritual. As they enter the house each one was viciously murdered. Jesse became a Hector was the final man standing and decided to go through a time traveling door. The door lead to the second Paranormal movie involving Christy. All ends hopelessly, with every main character murdered.
Screenwriter Christopher Landon is not latino but used many hispanic symbols in the movie. The movie references botanics (a store that sells spiritual candles, cards and potions). Multiple scenes were spoken only in spanish without any subtitles. Paramount went so far as to hire a consultant to make sure the spanish dialogue was properly colloquial.
On the opening weekend the movie placed second with $18 million dollars, after Frozen.