Book Review: After by Anna Todd

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

  No words could describe the depths nor raw emotions author Anna Todd placed in this book. ‘After’ is hands down the most amazing book I’ve ever read. It is about a college girl, ‘Tessa Young”, who’s never lived life. A girl who’s followed mothers strict rules but longed for something more. Though she kept that desire at bay til she met the one and only ‘Hardin Scott’, who would sooner later affect her life drastically.  


        Hardin is a troubled kid who enjoys causing pain and violence just to feel something. He thinks he’s an error in society, someone who shouldn’t nor deserve to be alive nor receive any type of kindness or love. As Tessa regains a sexual awaken due to Hardin, Hardin develops these foreign feelings for Tessa. He wants to be a better person for her. Throughout this book their relationship goes up and down on a continuous cycle, soon wearing out Tessa. She loses a piece her while trying to put him back together.


        Character development is seen widely throughout this unfolding love story. The only reason this particular book stands out is the raw ugly side that Author Anna Todd portrays, reminding us readers that not all relationships are perfect. She had beautifully written this phenomenal story that now affects many people, clouding their judgment on how they should be treated in a relationship. One might argue and say that Anna Todd has romanticized toxic and abusive relationships. Basically normalizing and praising anyone who’s been in a destructive relationship.


       I see it differently, as two people grow into better versions of themselves. Two people who impact their partners intensely, two people who love each other more than breathing. Under all that scrutiny and insecurity, Hardin finally realizes that he is worth fighting, worth saving thanks to Tessa. Tessa also finds the real meaning of love and happiness when she’s with Hardin. He makes her feel alive in ways she couldn’t describe.


       Overall, I think this book is very interesting and underrated. It doesn’t deserve the hate it received but I won’t degrade these biased opinions. The book should get the recognition, so I’ve convinced my peer to give it a look. So far I have received positive feedback stating how much they love the Hardin and Tessa’s connection or how drawn they are to the plot. The movie will be released on April 12th, 2018 and I honestly can’t wait.