The Hate U Give


Matthew Dinh, Entertainment Editor

First written as a novel, The Hate U Give, was an instant hit when it was released in February, 2017. The novel debuted at no. 1 on The New York Times young adult best-seller list, where it remained for 50 weeks.
Now becoming a film, many critics believe it will be` one of the best movies in 2018.
The main character, Starr Carter is a teenager with an African-American background. Starr has been living between two worlds. The first world is a poor neighborhood where she grew up in and is mostly African-American. The second world is the rich white prep school she attends.
The storyline is narrated by Starr Carter who is drawn to activism after she witnesses the police shooting of her childhood best friend.
This novel and movie captures the all around burdens and events that have adrenalized the Black Lives Matter movement. The movie and novel collects the inclusive talk about race: police brute force, shootings, gang violence, and many more.
The actors in the movie consist of many stars such as Amandla Stenberg who played Rue in the Hunger Games, KJ Apa from the hit show Riverdale, Common who has been in many hit movies in past years, and more star actors.
The Hate U Give opened in theaters on Oct. 5. With all the hype surrounding it, it is expected to be a hit movie directed by George Tillman Jr.