Rivedale season 3 kick off review

Ivanna Perez, Staff Writer

The CW Network original series, Riverdale, first premiered on January 26, 2017. The first season is all about a group of students at Riverdale High trying to solve a mystery murder. They go through many obstacles and consequences such as false assumptions, expulsion, vicious threats, and even death. The season ends on a cliff-hanger and jumps into season two.

“The second season wasn’t as distinct. By this I mean that the first two seasons are so similar so it’s hard to talk about the second one” said senior Diana Silva.

Episode 1 of Season 3 was released on October 10th, 2018. This season is meant to release different concepts and new characters to the show and make it more interesting. But one thing they have said to introduce is a fictional-monster like character called a gargoyle.

This sounds very similar to the Netflix show Stranger Things which is out of the show’s range. I feel like this will completely change it and make it seem unoriginal and give it a different vibe. The first episode of season 3 started off with drama as one of the main characters, Archie Andrews, went to trial for being accused of murder and lost. He got put into juvenile prison and that’s how the episode finished. That was the main part.

The second episode continued with his girlfriend, Veronica Lodge, trying desperately to get him out. She spent majority time just trying to convince her dad, a rich business man, to let him free. Her dad is the one who put him in, in the first place. On the other hand, the gargoyle is raising problems as it starts to control people who play the board game.

It killed one person, and left another in a coma who ended up committing suicide due to being controlled by the monster. Because of this, Betty and Jughead started to investigate and were the ones who found the monster. This was the last scene and it was left on a cliff hanger. I think the beginning was okay and is interesting, but the fact that their plot is changing and becoming a lot like Stranger Things is really bothering me. I find it really unoriginal and boring to think about. It makes the next episodes feel almost predictable.