Dynasty excites students


Marian Osman, Staff Writer

Season two of Dynasty starts after the death of Krystle Carrington, Blake Carrington’s wife. When Blake found out that his wife died, he left his house in Atlanta and stayed away for a while.

There have been three episodes that came out for season two of Dynasty so far. They will be taking a break shortly after a couple of episodes air on the CW. Dynasty is a reboot of the 1980s Dynasty show.

When Blake came back, Fallon said that she wanted to sell Carrington Atlantic to her fake husband Liam Kirk. Blake said no at first but didn’t care afterwards and announced it at the Carrington Atlantic’s 100th anniversary.

At the Carrington Atlantic’s 100th anniversary, Blake talks about moving on from his wife’s death and spending all of his money. He talks about stepping down from Carrington Atlantic and spending time for himself. Liam tells his uncle, Max Van Kirk, that he is married to Fallon so that his uncle could buy the business.

That is troubling for Fallon, because she is engaged to Michael Culhane. This makes it difficult for her, because she is starting to have feelings for Liam.

“Since Fallon is engaged, it will only make her relationship with Michael Culhane harder,” sophomore Siryet Girma said. “I think that he might get upset, because she’s spending more time with Liam.”

This means that Fallon has to go to New York to meet Liam’s family. Once they get there they go to a gathering that Liam’s family is having and Fallon is attacked by Liam’s aunt. She thinks that Fallon is only playing Liam just so they could get her company, but doesn’t know that Liam and Fallon are planning that.

Max Van Kirk died before he signed the paperwork for ownership of Carrington Atlantic. This meant that Fallon and Liam had to go to his mom’s house to make her sign it, but that doesn’t go well because Fallon stands up for Liam and calls out his mom.

But Fallon and Michael had another plan. The plan was that Michael would meet up with this lady who said that she had the paperwork that Max Van Kirk signed. He met up with her and denied her offer of giving her $1 million.

He went back to her after Fallon told him that getting on Liam’s mom’s good side would take her longer because of what she had done. This time the lady gave him the paperwork and said that he would have to work for her, or else she would frame Fallon for killing Max Van Kirk, because she had a picture of Fallon giving money to this lady.

On the other hand, Sam who is married to Steven Carrington, and Alexis Carrington, who is Blake’s ex-wife are trying to find out if Melissa is lying about her pregnancy. Melissa is supposed to be pregnant with Steven’s child, but Sam and Alexis have doubts which make them break into her house. When they break in they find a fake belly and go to Steven to tell him about it, but Melissa says that it was for a dress that she needed to get it fit for.

Sam gets upset by that, which leads to him and Sam to have a fight. At the baby shower, Sam apologizes and Steven forgives him for that.

At the baby shower, Kirby who is Anders daughter put a camera inside of a room where Anders and Alexis were in. She heard that they had an affair and that Fallon was Anders daughter and not Blake’s. She said that during the baby shower, but no one believed her.

Anders stepped in and said that she was telling the truth about the affair, but not that Fallon was his daughter. He said that Steven was his son.

“Season 2 of Dynasty so far has been really good and I’m looking forward for more episodes to come out for season 2 of Dynasty,” sophomore Kristina Regmi said.