What to expect from MWC

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

MWC (also known as the Mobile World Congress) is the largest trade show in the world for mobile technology. The event takes place in Barcelona, Spain and is always near the end of February. Many companies like to display their new technology that they plan to release later on in the year, or another common trend is to make to make their press conferences the launch event for some of their products.
The usual big players are companies like Samsung, LG and Huawei. Samsung, almost routinely, dominates the news cycle at MWC with the release of their “S” series of phones. Huawei has the same effect on MWC with the release of their “P“ series. But MWC isn’t all about smartphones, you can expect to see laptops from companies such as Lenovo, ASUS, and LG.
The obvious trend we are going to see at MWC is the most popular mobile piece of technology which are smartphones. Tons of companies will either reveal or release their new smartphones at MWC from the previously mentioned ‘S” series by Samsung or companies seeking to make a comeback in the mobile technology like Sony with the release of their new flagship Sony Xperia XZ4.
Smartphones aren’t the only mobile tech we will at MWC, wearable tech like smartwatches and wireless earbuds will also be present at the tread show. Tons of companies this year from Samsung to Louis Vuitton everyone is trying to make their own alternative to the Apple watch.
MWC is just as much about the future of technology as it is about the present and nothing embodies the future of mobile technology right now as much as 5G and foldable phones. Just as 4G was a massive upgrade to 3G, 5G will be a massive upgrade from its predecessor with speeds expected to be at least 20 times faster than 4G.
The other hot topic at MWC this year will be foldable phones. Thanks to recent advancements in screen technology, smartphones displays have been able to bend and because of that fact companies are trying to take advantage of that ability by having the phone bend along with it. This brings many new features such as smartphones being able to have two different screen sizes. “As long as they make sure that phones like this can have features that make them stand out I think they will be worth it,” sophomore Makonnen Mekonnen said.
Ideas and products like these are why people look forward to MWC. This tech conference has always been home to the biggest ideas of tech.and this year will be no different, with 5g and foldable phones and new and interesting laptops and wearables, this MWC will not be one to miss.