Game of Thrones disappoints


Araceli Cabrera, Special to The A-Blast

The last season of Game of Thrones had fans very excited but left them feeling both disappointed.

Many fans were mostly upset at the sudden changes in the characters’ arcs. For instance, Daenerys randomly going mad and showing no mercy to anyone on Kings landing.

Many fans saw this as disrespectful to George RR Martin’s character, since she was known for being the Queen that is different, the one who brings freedom to all slaves and the breaker of chains.

This similar situation was seen with Jamie Lanister, and how he went from being a static antagonist character to growing into a dynamic character, who gains respect for others. However, in the end goes back to the person he loved, Cersei.

Personally, I felt like the season overall felt a bit too rushed, knowing there were only a mere six episodes that ran slightly above an hour on average.
Furthermore, producers of the series had no book to base the events of each episode on.

Disregarding the negatives, I felt like we, as viewers, still were given many iconic moments, especially in the first episodes of the season. For example, the Stark’s reunion and the fight against the White Walkers, where Arya kills the Night King.

We were also given very complicated relationships between Jon and Daenerys, Arya and Gendry and Jamie and Brienne.

Finally, this season captured our emotions by bringing us sadness with Ser Jorah, Theon Greyjoy, Missandei and Daenerys’ deaths.

We saw Ser Jorah, Theon Greyjoy and Missandei’s passion for the fight at hand and their loyalty towards their Queen Daenerys.

For Daenerys’s death we saw the effect of all the power she gained, which ultimately lead to her madness and lack of compassion towards the end.

Although this necessarily was not a happy ending for her character, it was necessary for the story, and what the writers wanted in the end.

One of the most unexpected outcomes came with Bran Stark being named the King of the six kingdoms, with the North becoming independent. It has sparked controversy, since no one saw Bran Stark as worthy of that position.

I personally found it fitting well with the storyline because of the ironic value it has. Bran from the first season getting pushed off from the window by the rulers at the time to him in the last season being given that position.

It shows how Jaime and Cersei’s deeds foreshadowed Bran’s upbringing in the series’ end.

Also we need to understand that he is not taking over as a Stark but as the Three-Eyed Raven. This was seen when Brienne of Tarth’s Armor had a raven sigil on it.

Overall, I felt as if viewers were satisfied with the finale of the series as it gave us most of the things we wanted and needed to see with an unexpected twist.

However, it wasn’t the best season that viewers have seen due to its condensed plot toward the end.