IT: Chapter 2 comes back around with another sequel to it’s previous, IT.

Kristina Regmi, Staff Writer

“IT chapter 2” that hit the theaters this Friday already made $185 million, which is the sequel of the film “IT” that came out in 2017. The first movie (2017), is about seven kids who have been haunted by an evil clown named Pennywise (portrayed by Bill Skarsgård), that comes around every 27 years. The seven kids got rid of Pennywise in the first movie and knew that they would have to return to the town in 27 years, if he came back. 

The second movie takes place 27 years later when they’re adults now and the clown, Pennywise comes back and is feeding on little kids again. The seven kids had made a pact that if “IT” came back they would come back no matter where they are. They try to figure out how to kill it and restore the memories they lost.

“IT” is a supernatural horror movie that is based on the 1986 novel “IT” by Stephen King. “IT” that came out in 2017, isn’t technically the first movie that came out. There is a movie called “IT” or “Stephen King’s It” that came out in 1990, which was also an adaptation of the novel. 

Tim Curry played the evil clown in the 1990 movie, while Bill Skarsgård played the newer version of the clown in 2017 and 2019 movie sequel. Some people may say that the older version was better while others may think the newer versions are better but we can agree that both of the movies have the same plot and characters.

“IT Chapter 1” (2017), made 700.4 million USD, making it the highest grossing horror films of all time worldwide. While the second movie has already made 185 million dollars in two days, and is likely to be catching up soon. It may as well end up being one of the highest grossing movies of 2019. 

“The movie was 10/10 and I love the whole idea of it. I was super terrified by all the jump scares. There were also so many jokes in the movie, so I also did have a good laugh. I would definitely watch again, and totally worth the 3 hours!” Junior Najma Abikar said.

“I love scary movies so much so it’s hard to get a good scare but this was absolutely amazing. All the actors are super talented and could’ve fooled me,” Sophomore Nawal Abikar said.