Shows to expect this October


Kristina Regmi, Staff Writer

As summer is ending and fall is coming, so are our favorite shows. These are the shows coming this October to our local TV channels:

October 2:

Almost Family (FOX): A new series that’s about a lady who grew up as a single kid finds that her father fathered numerous other kids as a sperm donor. 

October 6:

Batwoman (The CW): Series premiere of season one. The show is the new superhero series that revolves around Kate Kane seeking justice for Gotham City as Batwoman.

Supergirl (The CW): The show is back with the fifth season where Jeremy Jordan returns as Winn.

Blacklist (NBC): The show is coming back with a season 7, where Raymond Reddingtreturnson is alive after getting stabbed in the stomach and being stuffed into a van. 

October 7:

All American (The CW): The show is back with a second season as we can expect to see a lot of love connections and more drama. 

“I loved All American so much it really is a realistic way of how high school actually is. I like how it’s not super typical but kind of is at the same time. There are so many twists and turns, and I’m excited for a season two,” junior Najma Abikar said. 

October 8:

The Flash (The CW): The Flash is back with its sixth season where Team Flash has successfully defeated Cicada, and we will expect Barry Allen to face new threats and metahumans to save his friends and his city. 

October 9:

Riverdale (The CW): The fourth season of Riverdale with be about the teenagers of Riverdale preparing for their senior year and attempting to endure whatever monster is out to get them.

October 10: 

Supernatural (The CW): The show is coming back for one last time after 14 great seasons, we can expect Sam, Dean and Castiel handling the quick outcome of the zombie that was released on Earth, as well as a ton of other dramatization in the middle.

Legacies (The CW): After a successful season 1, Legacies is back with another season where we will see where Hope is after she had dived to her death to stop the monster, and we will also be introduced to a new vampire.

October 11:

Dynasty (The CW): The action-packed drama show is back with its third season where we will witness what happens after the big cliffhanger of season two. It will be revealed that everyone’s beloved Liam is alive after nearly drowning in the swimming pool. 

“I’m excited to see what happens next in Dynasty as there’s always so much drama involving Fallon and her family, which makes it so much more interesting to watch,” junior Tsenat Efrem said.

October 15:

Arrow (The CW): Green Arrow will be back for its eighth and final season, where we will expect to see if Oliver is going to die or not, as well as a season without Felicity.

October 21:

Black Lightning (The CW): Black Lightning is back with a second season where Jefferson Pierce and Lynn are in the hands of the ASA as Agent Odell fixes his hold on the Pierce family.

Catherine the Great (HBO): The first season will be premiering this fall that revolves around the Russian empress Catherine the Great’s reign and the Russian Empire.