Zombieland: Double Tap returns

Limia Bahar, Staff Writer


A new comedy and post-apocalyptic horror movie has been added to the list of momentous, exciting movies released in the year of 2019. 

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Zombieland: Double Tap is the first sequel to the original Zombieland movie that was released in Oct. of 2009. 

The original movie featured a team of comedic characters that joined forces to survive amidst a zombie apocalypse. It ended up being somewhat of a success as it raised about $75 million in the box office with a total budget of about $25 million. 

Fans are reeving and excited for the new sequel and hope that it follows a similar plot that will emanate a scary, yet comedic vibe. 

In the original Zombieland, the plot starts with a road movie threatened by the undead, which ends the scene with zombie brains and guts being splattered everywhere by Wichita and Columbus, the main characters. 

The two have a complicated relationship because Wichita is described as a con-woman that continuously crushes the hopes of love struck Columbus. 

This movie is set in an amusement park because what better place is there for a comedic horror movie? 

The comedy comes into play when the plot alludes to Columbus’ phobia of clowns, in which there were a plentiful amount of clown jump scares throughout the film. 

This phobia only irritates and introduces further conflict with another character, Tallahassee. This only ever ends in them constantly bickering and screaming obscenities at each other, adding to the comedic impact. 

These three characters (Columbus, Wichita, and Tallahassee) lead themselves to where Bill Murray, the fourth character, lives. This scene was what most fans called the most exciting within the whole movie. 

Overall, the movie did well building up a fanbase that hoped for a similar sequel. Due to this, fans all seem to agree upon the high standards for this movie that producers had ten full years to perfect.

However one frequent concern is which way the producers swayed with when it comes to genre in this new film. Will it be more comedy, horror-based, or will a balance be achieved similar to the original? 

For this movie to have any chance at good reviews from both critics and public opinion, it certainly needs to include both, which is what made Zombieland 2009 so memorable. 

Fans are also anxious to see the difference between the special effects in each movie as well as the setting, which is likely to be something other than an amusement park. 

Another influential factor that the production has favoring them is the cast, which helps for the audience to build connections with. The cast will remain the same for the main characters with Jesse Eisenberg (Columbus), Woody Harrelson (Tallahassee), Emma Stone (Wichita), and Bill Murray. 

But, there will be new characters introduced which may change the dynamic of the relationship that fans have built up since seeing the first Zombieland. 

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what Fleischer has in store for us with Zombieland: Double Tap after he exceeded standards with his first film. Will it be a bust or will Zombieland add to its excited fan base for a third movie?