Do you want to build a snowman…again?


With a gripping story and songs you can not get out of your head, everyone loved Frozen.

After making over $1.2 billion in half a year, Frozen became the top grossing animated movie ever. It has also become the fifth highest grossing film ever.

Frozen was all the craze for the winter of 2013. The original Frozen was about a princess named Elsa, who had a secret ability to create snow and ice.

Her powers eventually left her kingdom, Arendelle, in an eternal winter. With both of their parents dead,there was a lot of tension in the kingdom.

Anna was also panning on marrying Hans, which Elsa did not approve of. One day, Elsa struck Anna with her powers, nearly killing her. This caused Elsa to be locked up in her room for most of her life.

She ended up running away into the mountains where she builds her own castle. She also puts Arendale into an eternal winter. Her sister Anna and a mountain man named Kristoff and his raindeer, Sven, set off on a journey to find her sister and end the eternal winter.

Along the way, Anna and Kristoff stumble across Olaf, a talking snowman that Elsa and Anna had made when they were little. When they finally get to the ice castle, Elsa refuses to leave or stop the eternal winter. She tells Anna that it is in her best interest to leave.

Anna has to have an act of true love in order for Elsa to comeback. She tries to kiss Hans, but he attempts to kill her. It turns out her act of true love would be trying to save Elsa. This thaws Elsa’s cold heart and ends the eternal winter.

On Nov. 22, Frozen is coming back again for a sequel, Frozen 2.When they find out the kingdom is not safe, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff set off for a journey North.Elsa wants to find where her powers came from and try to save the kingdom.

“I loved the first Frozen and I hope the second one is just as good,” junior Sarah Gonzalez said.

Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer also accompany them on their quest.Magic seems to be the cause for trouble in Arendale and Elsa has to find out how to stop it.

“The first movie’s plot was really simple. Hopefully they can do that again to appeal to kids,” junior Evelyn Granados said.

The trailer had a record 116.4 million views in 24 hours. This makes it the most viewed animated trailer in history.Elsa adds a different perspective to Disney princesses. Most of them fit the stereotype of a fairytale princess.

Elsa on the other hand, has her own troubles, which adds to the appeal of Frozen. Frozen 2 is sure to add for action and dramatic scenes.

“I hope the new movie brings more excitement,” senior Moises Marquez said. “It will be really cool to watch and my little brothercannot wait.”

The movie will be released just in time for winter.With a strong first movie,Frozen 2 will not disappoint. It will be a family classic for many years to come.

If the songs are as catchy as the first movie’s, get ready to hear winter classics all over.