Is the beef even real?


YouTube boxing fights have returned once again with Jake Paul vs. AnEsonGib.

Jake Paul is 1-0 in his boxing career with a win against KSI’s brother, Deji. Gib is also undefeated with a 2-0 record.

Jake and Gib hinted at their possible fight when Gib got into an altercation with Paul at the Logan Paul and KSI press conference in England.

Gib also called out Paul at the Challenger Games. Paul has been looking for a second boxing fight. He has tried to set up fights with FouseyTUBE and rapper Soulja Boy, but they both fell through.

Gib has the same trainer KSI had for the second Logan Paul fight, Vid-
dal Riley.

“I think Gib will win because his trainer is better than Jake’s and he has a little more experience,” junior Orlando Torres said.

YouTubers fights have not been the most professional events. Logan Paul and KSI had a relatively sloppy match.

This fight was also announced later than usual, which has led to a lack of public attention. They will have to share the main card event with another fight.

“Jake Paul is dying, so I think he’s fighting for the attention,” junior Alan Ngyuen said. Much of YouTube’s’ beef comes from whoever has more views, likes or followers. A lot of people also think much of their quarrels are made up for money and promoting their channels.

“I don’t think their beef is real, I feel like they’re just doing it for the money,” junior Darrell Pitts said. The beef may be fake, but the fight won’t be. You can see Jake Paul vs. Gib on Thursday, Jan. 30 in Miami.