Five Movies for Black History Month

February is known as Black History month, and what’s not a better way to celebrate black history month than watching movies that dominate African Americans in the film industry.

Black History Month has been celebrated on February by presidents of the United States since the late 70’s.

Movies like “42” and “Loving” displays and present how life was difficult for African Americans back then.

Most of these movies are connected to history and aren’t talked about in most history classes.

It gives us a perspective and viewpoint on black lives as it focuses on their struggles and complications as growing up black.

Here are the top five movies from all different genres, from science fiction to sports and historical fiction, that show different Black actors and actresses in different types of movies. 

  • Hidden Figures (2006)

This movie revolves around three African American women, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson who were the true women behind the launch of John Glenn into orbit. In the beginning they were treated differently and were denied basic rights such as using the same bathroom as white women.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Drama

  • Black Panther (2018)

The movie takes place in Wakanda, a well developed kingdom in Africa. It looks different from the outside, but once inside it has developed technology. T’Challa has to save and protect his country while being both the king and the Black Panther. 

Genre: Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Superhero

  • Malcolm X (1992)

This movie is a biography about Malcolm X. The movie starts off about his childhood in Nebraska, where his dad gets killed, and his mom gets put in a mental institution. The movie then switches to his teenage life then his adulthood. The movie shows his death as well as the events after his death. 

Genre:  Romance, Historical Drama 

  • Loving (2016)

This movie shows the interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving, who got married in Virginia and got arrested for it. They took their case to the Supreme Court (Loving v. Virginia), which eventually allowed interracial marriages to be legal. 

Genre: History, Drama

  • 42 (2013)

The movie revolves around Jackie Robinson, an African American in a baseball team where he goes through many conflicts and racism. The movies starts in 1945, where Jackie Robinson gets an invite by  Branch Rickey to the Brooklyn Dodgers, 

Genre: Sports, Drama