Mulan returns in Disney reboot

Mulan comes back from our childhood and onto our screens. Her story started when she impersonated a man so that she can take her father’s place in the Chinese military. She would go and train with the other recruits. How are students reacting to this live-action movie that we only remember in 2D?

At Annandale high school Junior Neylan MeCuen, says “ I can’t wait to see it in the theater, and it’s live-action I hope it’s good”. Many agree with her. Mulan coming back is a little bit of whatever everyone wanted.

The movie itself was good, entertaining, and energetic. The story behind everything was the same. Critics say that Disney intentionally didn’t create a larger theme and plot to show everyone that they can go from cartoonish movies to a real-life action movie including favorite stories.

However, the movie was released Sept. 4, yet still has people’s minds blown by it. It wasn’t doing as well as expected but they did make over 3.5 million dollars in net. Even though most people say not to waste my money I would still go watch it, for the experience.