Best shows and movies coming to Netflix in October


Netflix just released its list of multimedia joining the platform in October. There are many highly anticipated shows and movies making their way to the popular streaming service that have fans of the production excited. About 150 shows and movies are joining the infamous Netflix roster throughout the month, while about 35 are leaving across October.

On Oct. 4, the popular drama On My Block, returns for its final season. The teen drama is about a group of friends that are making their way through high school in a rough city and under poor circumstances. Gang activity, death, and mystery are just some of the obstacles that the teenagers face.

“I am happy because the previous season was kinda boring so I hope to see that this season is better,” freshman Hassan Rayaz said. “I would also like to see the bad people eventually turn good throughout the next season”.

On My Block is always keeping viewers of the show on their toes as it feels every episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the fans wanting more.

“I am excited to see when the friend group comes together,” freshman Natnael Aklile said. “I want to see who’s the new leader of the gang, and I also want to see more gang fights.”

“I want to know what happens with the Santos gang,” junior Ryan Sahal said. “I also want to see if they’re going to become friends again. I want to see what Monse will think when she sees everyone and how they are.”

Another show joining Netflix for an additional season is The Black List. On Oct. 15, season eight of the well liked crime thriller joins. The series is about a man who was a former U.S. Navy officer turned high profile criminal. Throughout the show he tells the FBI about the most dangerous crimes ever committed and who was behind them. He does so in order to gain immunity with the government to try and protect himself.

James Rader, who plays the main character Raymond “Red” Redington, after eluding the FBI for decades turns himself in willingly to try to earn freedom.

“I’m willing to see if they will figure out he’s a bad guy, I also want to know how the FBI figured out he’s a high profile criminal. I also want to know the ways the FBI find the high profile criminals, which is him.” freshman Daniel Webshet said.

On Oct. 15, the third season of You releases to Netflix as well. You is a psychological thriller television series about a serial killer who falls in love with a girl. He becomes insanely obsessed with her, and uses social media to track her, and know where she is at all times. His primary goal is to make her become his girlfriend, and only his. Eventually he has his first child, and tries to live a normal life in the suburbs of Madre Linda. But old habits start to arise again.

“I want to know what he’s gonna do with his child and if he ‘s gonna stop killing people because of his child,” junior Zain Zia said.

More popular and highly anticipated shows will continue to release to Netflix in October bringing in numbers and viewers to the streaming service. As well as keeping fans entertained through these rough times.