Is the 2K community too harsh on the game?


The world’s biggest basketball video game is back once again, with NBA 2K 22 being released.

Content creators and fans of the video game were anxious at the games release because NBA 2k 21 wasn’t a very big hit, and developers of the game got an earful from the very vocal and honest 2k Community.

“I think 2k 22 is better than 2K 21 but there is still a long way to go before the game actually becomes enjoyable,” junior Sam Dailey said. “I think the 2K community isn’t too harsh on the game. The game is just horrible.”

Some content creators and streamers of 2K got so fed up with the game last year that they stopped playing it entirely. Streamers like Adin Ross completely stopped playing the game a handful of months after it was initially released and then continued to bash the game in front of hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers to see.

Ronnie2K is the digital marketing director of 2K, and is usually one of the main targets for the 2k community verbal attacks on the game.

“I do not like Ronnie2K because he always finds a way for me to lose,” junior Keyshawn Stancil-Anderson said.
“So far I’m loving 2K 22,”Stancil-Anderson said. “I feel like it’s great and is better than last year. It seems more realistic and is more fun.

Players of NBA 2K 22 feel as if this year’s game is a huge step in the right direction to try and make the game more enjoyable and fun to play.