Lapse could replace disposable cameras

The new photo app, Lapse, just launched on Sept. 30.

It’s purpose is to replicate the feel of disposable cameras, which are 15 dollars per camera, and can only take up to 27 photos. 

At first glance, the app looks very modern. It lets you take 36 photos per “roll,” and you can add friends to the roll so they can view your photos and add to it. 

Photos take 24 hours to develop, so it can simulate that fun anticipation part of having disposable cameras.

 They do have a trademark logo, after they are developed though, which is kind of upsetting. It would be nice if they had a tiny date at the bottom, instead of a noticeable logo, which ruins the picture.

After being developed, the photos don’t quite look exactly like a disposable camera photo, but they aren’t necessarily bad. They get the job done considering that it’s a free app. They just look different. 

It’s still fun to take pictures with the app because it’s different from just taking pictures with your phone and seeing them immediately in their unfiltered form.

 I also appreciated that the app puts the dispo filter on the photos so you don’t have to worry about putting a filter on the photos, and there’s just something about waiting for the photos that is really exciting.