Red (Taylor’s Version) review

Taylor Swift recently released a new re-recording of her 2012 album, Red. Many are very thrilled about it. “Taylor’s Version” represents that she finally owns the masters in that album. It’s not the best circumstances for her, but it is still a cool concept as we get the chance to hear her change in voice over the period of time. This is truly amazing and a great achievement for Swift as she now owns more than half of her discography. The captivating thing about her re-recordings are that she releases old songs that she wrote in that era, but never released so they’re not really new songs. 


The album is a precise 2 hours and 10 minutes long. My favorite tracks on the album include “State Of Grace,” “Treacherous,” “I Almost Do,” and “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)” . I’ve previously listened to Red (2012) various times before the re-recording came out, including the day right before it was released. After listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) multiple times in a row after it was released, I can confidently say that Swift didn’t disappoint with this re-recording. It was even better than what I expected and all the hype that the album release was getting before it came out was deserved. I really enjoy how they kept the same tracklist rather than changing it like they did with Fearless (Taylor’s Version)


There were some things and changes that will take me a while to get used to. There were a couple occurrences in the album where the background instrumentals or vocals sounded a little different than what they were originally, like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, but honestly, it just takes time and growth on the songs to get used to it, and then it just feels natural. 


Nevertheless, the instrumentals didn’t disappoint and sounded exactly like the original, and sometimes even better. The instrumentals stuck out the most in “State Of Grace,” “Come Back…Be Here” and “Begin Again” and I think it’s one of the biggest keys in the songs. I really loved how they were executed and it just exceeded my expectations. 


The Vault Songs are very enjoyable and I feel like a good amount of them could’ve done really well if they were released. The Vault Songs are totally 9 songs.The emotional side of the songs include “Better Man,” Nothing New” “Forever Winter” and “Run” and “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)” While the happier and more upbeat songs are “Babe,” “Message in a Bottle,” “I Bet You Think About Me” and “The Very First Night” My top tied vault songs are “Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)” because I think that the lyrics are very relatable and I am glad that Bridgers has a verse in the song because their voices compliment each other very well. My other favorite is “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)”  . It was definitely worth the wait. This song is a fan favorite and it deserves the love because it’s a lyrical masterpiece. I can feel the “evermore” feeling throughout the songs.


Overall, I rate this album an honest 10/10 because I enjoy the lyrics, and I like the different stories as well as the multiple types of emotions displayed within the album. I like how relatable they are and how those kinds of feelings and situations can happen to anyone. I really enjoy the balance between beautiful, lyrical songs and fun, dance songs because I think it really makes the album itself. It’s remarkable how visible her vocal improvement is. The vault songs were very good and the new release made me appreciate Red even more than I did before.