An Encaptivating Webtoon- After School Lessons for Unripe Apple

An Encaptivating Webtoon- After School Lessons for Unripe Apple

Webtoon, an online comic reading platform has been growing in popularity in recent years, with more fans on the apps every single day. This doesn’t mean that every comic on there is for everyone, including readers with judgemental tastes. So, what makes this webtoon exceptional to other romance webtoons on the app? 

One prominent aspect of After School Lessons for Unripe Apples, (ASLFUA) is the notorious pacing of the story. Long time fans of author Soonki know with her previous work, Cheese in the Trap (CITT) that the story ended 6 years after publishing on the app. However the pacing of her stories is what makes her works memorable. For people who have high expectations of webtoons, ASLFUA is a hidden gem that is underrated.

Oftentimes, the problem with romance webtoons is that the romance is brought early on in the story becoming the prime factors of the developing plot. However with Soonki’s work, what is important to note is that the development isn’t the main focus of the story. 

The story of ASLFUA is about a girl named Mi-Ae living in Korea in the 1990’s, managing her middle school life. However, problems start to abruptly appear after she reconciles with an old friend of hers, Cheol. Many people assume Cheol to be an angered kid avoiding him because of his height difference and of an untold past where he gained the nickname Lucifer. However what is impressive is that despite the rumors, Mi-ae is just as curious as to how he got the nickname so she tries to reconnect with him. The journey to befriend him becomes a complicated process, showing a reasonable portrayal of what it takes to be friends with someone. It isn’t always an immediate click, and people really have to work to try to have others open up to them.

As a webtoon enthusiast, the personalities of the characters are what mostly draw people into reading. For one, Mi-Ae is a really bold person. She’s always seen as comedic and energetic, never backing away from challenges. Unlike Cheol, she isn’t afraid of what people think of her, leaving her to be headstrong. Mi-Ae can be an admirable character, in contrast to Cheol, who often hides himself to manage a good reputation. While Mi-Ae can make impulsive decisions, Cheol overthinks.

Another aspect of the story that is well liked is its layout. Not one problem seems to be dragged out in its episodes. Since fans usually wait a week for new content, the content provided is extraordinarily long. 

While the synopsis of the story focuses on friendship and romance, it touches on character development heavily as well. One example would be when Cheol becomes accustomed to worrying about Mi-Ae when originally he wasn’t inclined to be involved with her in the first place. None of the development is rushed, and most fans can see that as they reread the beginning chapters. 

Having read the webtoon since its launch in 2021, there has been no feelings of unpleasantness with the results of ongoing episodes. For fans of complex storytelling, ASLFUA is a perfect combination of drama, slice of life, and romance.