Adjusting to change from South Korea


Do you know how South Korea and the U.S. are different?  Every country is different and their school is different, too. Some things are the same and some things are different.  Some differences here include customer service, school and food.

When I came to the U.S. the customer service was very slow.  Something happened to my phone or Internet. I had to call someone to help and fix it. But I also had to talk for over 30 minutes to tell them what happened. Some customer service people did not know much, so they transferred me to another customer service person to talk about it. One day they needed to come to my house. They came to our house three days later. I could not use my computer and phone. South Korea customer service is much better because they know what problems they have to fix. We don’t have to talk for more than 30 minutes. It is not complicated. When they needed to come to your house, they came to your house one day later. South Korean service is much better and faster.

The school is more difficult in my country. The teachers are more helpful in the U.S. when I don’t understand class work or homework. I can stay after school with my teacher and I can ask my teacher to help me, so I can get good grades. The U.S. schools are freer. South Korean school has too many rules have to follow. South Korean teachers are not like U.S. teachers. They are stricter in South Korea. South Korean students are wearing uniforms everyday. We can’t grow our hair past our shoulders. Girls’ skirts can’t be over the knee and boys’ hair can’t cover their ears. South Korea schools have people who check students’ uniforms and hair. If they think uniform or hair is not correct, you will get detention. The U.S. school is much bigger than my country’s school.  The U.S. school divides 4 lunches. They have 2 big gyms and more classes to study and more teachers. The U.S. school is better than my country school.

The foods are very different to my country foods. My country people eat more vegetables. We eat meat too but not that much. In the U.S. foods are more meats and oils. First time I came here, I ate pizza. It was so salty and greasy.  I think the cheeses were different. Most of Korea foods are spicy or not salty. Korea foods are healthier because the cholesterol is lower than America foods. My country foods are taste better because it is not salty and greasy. So it’s healthy for your body and Korea foods have more kind of foods. My country foods are healthier than America foods. Moving to a new place is not easy. There are too many things to get used to so I can live here. Now I understood the U.S. customer service, school, and foods. I like it here, but I miss my country too.