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How safe and secure are we?

Aishwarya Venkat, In-Depth Editor

January 27, 2010

AHS, despite many headlines early in this decade, has undergone a radical transformation from a school known for its violence to one with a new, peaceful reputation. A large part of this is due to the measures AHS has adopted...

Students learn to live with less

January 5, 2010

When the lunch bell rings and the chaos of finding a table and getting food ensues, it is hard to remember the crushing national secession or growing poverty rates in cities all across America. Some AHS students, however, face a ...

Lifestyles affect school performance

January 5, 2010

While bills, bank statements, rent, electricity, water and gas may seem like primarily adult concerns, they are issues that many AHS students worry about daily. Several students, due to unfortunate familial circumstances, are...

An alternative way of life

December 17, 2009

A fight breaks out in your home. Doors are slammed, glasses broken and words said that should never be uttered. In the midst of such intensity you realize one thing – you cannot stay there anymore. Maybe someone hurts you, be...

Pressures placed on military families

Emily Fruchterman, In-Depth Editor

November 9, 2009

For most high school students, the thought of their parents coming to harm is an unlikely idea that rarely surfaces. These students have lived in the same school district for a large part of their lives, moving perhaps once or...

JROTC: Preparation for the Future

November 9, 2009

“At your command! Face the platoon to the right, Command!” said Lieutenant Colonel Tim Lambert at 10 a.m. every Wednesday morning. “Right, Face!” replies a class of enthusiastic cadets, ready to begin an intensive hour...

Armed Forces: The AHS Legacy

November 9, 2009

In past years, as today, AHS has served as a major school for military families from all branches of the armed forces. With its strategic proximity to Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon and Quantico Marine Base, Annandale served as a...

Where drug abuse can land you

November 9, 2009

Fairfax County Public Schools and Fairfax County itself offers a host of programs targeted at diagnosing and preventing drug abuse in “at risk” youth, and providing intervention and treatment options for students who wish to...

Into the medicine cabinet…

Emily Fruchterman, In-Depth Editor

November 9, 2009

In a world where everything students do can be quantified and analyzed through the grades they recieve and standardized tests are regularly used to assess a student’s progress, it is no wonder that students are feeling so much...

The Science of Embarrassment

October 9, 2009

It was a great day for Sally. An 'A' on her history paper, and she made it into Class Acts. Her heart skipping, she walked over to her science class right as the R3 bell rang, happy as a clam; until she turned the corner, that...


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