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Members of the AHS community reach out to help Haiti

Annie Curran and Jeff Shim International Editors

February 19, 2010

Almost a month after the devastating earthquake struck the already destitute country, AHS students, teachers and members of the community are reaching out to help the victims in Haiti. “My family donated some money to help t...

AHS Prepares for the Just World Festival

Haumaira Safi Staff Writer

February 19, 2010

Students are filled with anxiety and excitement as they diligently prepare for one of AHS' most prized events: the annual Just World Festival. According to AHS science teacher and co-sponsor of the Just World Festival Kimberly...

Annandale American Stories: Erfan Behnam

Erfan Behnam

February 4, 2010

I could not believe how hard it was to leave my country. I had to leave my country in a night and leave all my memories and people. Saying goodbye to people who I knew for a real long time, traveling from Iran to the U.S. and having a long travel. Saying goodbye to my family a...

Annandale American Stories: Vania Jeizan

Vania Jeizan

February 4, 2010

Do you know what the differences between Iran and the U.S. are? Sometimes it is really difficult to imagine them in our mind. The three major differences between the U.S. and Iran are the language and alphabet, weather, and c...

American Stories: Amadeus Luara

January 27, 2010

Freshman Amadeus Luara is originally from Bolivia. In this installment of American Stories, he will discuss how he had to adapt to life in the U.S. Here is his story: I never thought I would change my life. Everything was so...

The change of the United States health care reform

Stephenie Kyeremeh

January 27, 2010

The United States’  current health care reform is leaving millions of people uninsured. Over 47 million people don’t have health insurance. 8.7 million of uninsured people are children. When asked if she had health care insurance...

American Stories: Dat Nguyen

Dat Ngyen, from Vietnam

January 15, 2010

Adapting to the United States: “Difficult or Easy?”: What happens if you don’t want to adapt to the U.S? You can be alone and so bored if you don’t want to adapt. When I came here I didn’t have friend before I went...

Robot teacher sparks controversy

Bria White Staff Writer

January 14, 2010

Do you remember your kindergarten teacher?  Chances are you would if she were a robot, which is an experience some kids in Japan are getting. From comic books to sci-fi movies, humans have been pondering the usage of technology...

Wake up Somalia!

Patricia ONeill staff writer and Patricia ONeill staff writer

January 14, 2010

As students in one of the top school districts in the country, it is sometimes easy to take education for granted. But for students in Somalia, receiving a quality education is most often an unaffordable luxury. “WakeUpSomalia,” ...

Seniors look to study abroad

December 10, 2009

Every year, AHS’ graduating seniors head off to colleges around the world to start the next big part of their lives. AHS is home to students from 76  different countries. Most will stay close to home or attend college somewhere else in the...

57 Filipinos Killed in a Political Massacre

Jayran Moridzadeh Staff Writer

December 10, 2009

On November 23, 57 Filipino citizens were massacred during the beginning stages of an election. Violence during the run-up to elections was no surprise to the civilians in the Philippines; in the 2004 elections 148 people were ...

Somali pirates attack once again

November 20, 2009

On Nov. 18, a Danish-owned ship Maersk Alabama, which was hijacked last spring, was struck once again by the Somali pirates. Last spring, the U.S. citizen captain Richard Phillips was held hostage for five days in Maersk Alaba...

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