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Student visits family in the midst of crisis

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

September 5, 2018

Seven years of grueling war have left a country that was once the epicenter for tourism in the Middle East vastly different. Syria and the nations citizens have had to undergo major lifestyle changes since the beginning of the...

Around the world in only two months

Yabi Bereket, Internationals Editor

September 5, 2018

To summarize senior Zain Ghul’s trip around Europe and the Middle East during this summer, it mainly consisted of: living in Airbnb's, riding on trains and visiting family. Ghul originally planned to backpack around Europe...

Japan culture comes to AHS

Tiana Reams, International Editor

January 23, 2018

Students can learn new languages, taste new food, and experience a glimpse of life in another culture. A new culture has come to AHS: The Japanese Culture Club. The club was created two months ago and run by president Mikayla...

The Independence of Catalonia

Erik Rivas-Martinez, Staff Writer

November 2, 2017

Recently, a city in Spain has wanted their independence. This city is Catalonia. Spain has been gripped by a constitutional crisis since a vote that was held earlier this month. The crisis has been declared illegal. Catalonia...

Immigrant Stories: Coming to America

Emely Castillo, Special to The A-Blast

October 25, 2017

My name is Emely Castillo- Severino and I am a senior here at Annandale. I am from the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. I was born there and lived there for most of my life. I also went to school there until I was 10 years...

Student’s family affected by Hurricane Irma

Tiana Reams, International Editor

September 26, 2017

Many people all over the Carribean were affected by the recent Catergory 4 hurricane, Irma. Some of our very own Atoms and their family were impacted from it. Families either did not have the money to evacute or did not have a...

Exchange student becomes an Atom

Genesis Lara, International Editor

September 26, 2017

Have you ever thought about leaving your family, home, and friends behind? How about if it was to experience a whole new country or school? Have you ever thought about leaving your family, home, and friends behind? How about...

Sophomore Samantha Rodriguez travels to Cancun, Mexico

Casey Nguyen, In-Depth Editor

September 4, 2017

From dusk till dawn, a sense of serenity is exactly what a five-day trip to Cancun, Mexico gave sophomore Samantha Rodriguez. Blessed with warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and near perfect weather, Cancun’s many resort...

Freshmen Danny Salisbury’s time in Puerto Rico

Casey Nguyen, In-Depth Editor

September 4, 2017

While sitting on the deck of the cruise, freshmen Danny Salisbury was overtaken with a sense of adventure and mystery. He cannot wait for his voyage to Puerto Rico to be begin. During his time in the foreign country, him and hi...

Junior Kenzie Gardner reminisces about time in Scotland

Casey Nguyen, In-Depth Editor

September 4, 2017

Standing atop the high castles of Scotland, junior Kenzie Gardner took in the country’s endless, green landscape. For one week she visited the many attractions that Scotland had to offer, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Sco...

When home is between two different countries

Casey Nguyen, In-Depth Editor

September 4, 2017

As a sense of warmth and security overwhelmed her, junior Alondra Gonzalez entered her family home in Mexico. She knows that to outsiders, her home country is best known for many things, ranging from tourist attractions and ex...


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