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A teenager’s worst nightmare: acne

Julie Nguyen, Health Editor

April 27, 2017

As a teenager, acne is an inconvenient reality. Next time you wake up and see a new blemish on your face, do not freak out because it is important to know that it is a common occurrence. Due to rising hormone levels in teenagers du...

Bounce your way to class with yoga ball chairs

Julie Nguyen, Health Editor

March 22, 2017

When senior Madison Schinstock walked into her IB Geography class, she was shocked by the sight of large, gray yoga balls spread around the room. IB Geography and U.S. Government teacher Meagan Padgett had the great idea of...

Why going vegan is the newest trend of 2017

Julie Nguyen, Health Editor

February 13, 2017

As awareness surrounding animal cruelty becomes more mainstream, it is clear that the vegan trend is steadily rising. Just a few years back, the word "vegan," was not a common term heard within society; however, with social media...

Staring at a screen may not be so bad for teens

Judy Nanaw, Health Editor

February 13, 2017

Laying in the dark with a bright screen illuminating your face for hours is bound to damage your eyesight and affect your brain. At least, this is what we have been taught to believe. However, according to recent studies, it turns...

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