Hey, wait, Todd Akin is ‘Akin’ us crazy too

Hey, wait, Todd Akin is ‘Akin’ us crazy too

When the word republican came to mind, I used to think of fat-cat CEOs and greedy, rich housewives. Although I had the least bit of interest in politics, I was convinced by liberal my parents that Republicans were against everyone with a less-than-disposable income.

Then, I took a government class last year with Mrs. Lindsay Zurawski, and realized that politics isn’t the conniving game that people had made it out to be. I learned about modern issues and basic economics, and had an epiphany: I was a conservative.

I started to discuss politics with some other republicans and got the same vibe that most people get from conservatives: ignorance. Even though these people carry the same label that I do, they seemed like they were unaware of the world outside their own.

They had no constitutional basis for their opinions, such as being against gay rights because they thought it was weird, or supporting gun control because they love to hunt.

Luckily, my co-workers at the Romney campaign, who are mostly high school and college students, are the exact opposite. They’ve portrayed a new kind a republican, a kind that justifies their economic and social stance.

However, this new “species” of republican isn’t well known. Especially with the ignorant comments of Todd Akin about a woman’s body “shutting down rape”, it gives republicans a reputation that we’re all bigots who don’t understand the basic understanding of government or society, which is the exact reason the Romney campaign released a statement against Akin’s comments. Republicans are constantly being targeted by the liberal media, and it’s a very, very incorrect depiction.