College sports are better

College sports are better

The NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA have cast an ugly shadow over professional sports due to the excessive stubbornness and greediness  that the professional players have. Although there are pros to professional level sports, there seem to be more disadvantages than advantages. When comparing pro and college sports, athletes that play at the college level tend to be much less greedy and stubborn for various reasons.

Professional players are very greedy and their only concern is how much money they make, not their athletic ability and their love of the game.

Professional sports have been  corrupted by money. The lure of millions of dollars causes so many young athletes to skip years of college competition and move on to the national level. Due to greed and the obsession with their paychecks, professional sports brings an increase in player strikes and arguments that threaten the regular season and in turn create many upset and disappointed fans.

For example, on September 15, 2012, the NHL went on strike because the players felt they were not getting paid enough. This shortened the 2012-13 season from 82 games to 48 which resulted in the cancellation of 510 regular season games. With the loss of games, the  NHL and its hockey players have in fact hurt their image and paychecks due to the  dramatic decrease in profits that are usually made off of tickets and fan gear.

While professional sports are having trouble even starting their seasons, college sports continue unaffected.

College athletics have the advantage of their history, tradition and school pride that can not be equaled by any other type of sport.

Unlike professional athletes, college athletes play to win and do their best without the expectation of major endorsements and an increased fan base.

College athletes also act as better role models due to the fact that they can not play sports if their academic grades are not acceptable. This criteria forces athletes to work hard in order to play hard and keeps only those who show the ability to balance all aspects of their lives. zit gives them a reason to want to play and do well in school.

Fans of professional sports may argue that school is a distraction for them but all in all it just makes them more well-rounded individuals.

Many times we hear about student athletes making stupid mistakes though on and off the field. And not all professional players are just in it for the money and glory. In fact, many pro athletes really do play for the love of the game.

For the most part, college sports are more made for fans rather than the players who play them.

But, with the school spirit and enthusiastic fan base, colleges players are overall much more motivated and the motivation is what makes college sports all the more exciting to watch.