Top five most dangerous online challenges


Sheila Aguirre

The Salt and Ice Challenge is a popular, yet unsafe dare.

Social media has taken a new and extreme twist. Dangerous online challenges are appearing all over the internet, posing a threat to the safety of attention seeking teens. It’s best to avoid taking part in the risky challenges below for a few more likes and re-tweets.

1. Fire Challenge:

This new and idiotic online challenge involves putting alcohol or other flammable liquids, igniting it and then attempting to extinguish the flames. Many participants have sustained third degree burns that require surgery and one teen in New York died after failing to put out the flames.

2. Condom Challenge:

What are teens thinking these days? Participants of the condom challenge put a condom in their nostrils, snort it to their throats and try to pull it out of their mouths. According to the Washington Post, condoms are often dislodged in throats and are very difficult to remove.

3. The Cold Water Challenge:

The extreme predecessor to the ALS Bucket Challenge, dared teens jump in to icy lakes, record their experience and then pass on a nomination. People have drowned from underestimating the water’s depth and many have seriously injured themselves as a result of  jumping on unseen sharp rocks and objects. Instead of killing yourself, please jump into a backyard kiddy pool for fun.

4. Salt and Ice Challenge:

This challenge is very straightforward. Participants put salt and ice cubes on their arms, apply pressure and then try to withstand the pain for around 60 seconds. Despite being a simple challenge, teens have been subjected to third degree ice burn and frostbite injuries in need of medical attention.

5. The Cinnamon Challenge:

Swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon without water is very dangerous. Cinnamon dries up throats, causing bleeding from the mouth and collapsed lungs.