Uber is a positive alternative

With drunk driving being one of the most serious problems in society, people are desperately searching for possible solutions.

To stop the violation from being carried out any longer and save the lives that have not yet been affected by the tragic act, effective resolutions need to be found.

Where many have unexpectedly discovered a solution is in the latest cab service app called Uber. The app has served as a hero for many people, most of them being millennials.

Over the past year Uber has become overwhelmingly popular. While it has quickly spread throughout the nation, the majority of those who use Uber consist of teenagers and young adults.

Since the act of committing a DUI and the use of Uber are both most frequent among minors, it is not too surprising to find that the two things can work together to solve the issue of driving while intoxicated.

Although Uber has had debates regarding whether or not it is safe, there is no denying the fact that it may save the lives of people who may have otherwise gotten into a car and attempted to drive while drunk.

Senior Nancy Perla believes Uber can prevent drunk driving among teenagers.
“It’s almost like a taxi type of form,” Perla said. “Rather than driving themselves, they would call an Uber to drive them.”

Despite Uber having many fans, it faces numerous legal problems and criticism over its tactics in the United States and beyond. Uber has been a controversial manner because of the idea of getting into a car with no knowledge about the person driving being risky and potentially dangerous.

“I think that Uber needs to have more regulations to verify that their drivers are not like psychos or anything.” senior Amal Ahmed said.

Even with the obvious concern, when Uber is being put to use there are many lives that are being protected. Anyone on their way home after a night out that consisted of drinking could use the convenient app that is right at their fingertips. It will prevent them from driving under the influence and possibly being killed.

Uber officials have been aiming to adopt a softer tone to the company that will ease the harsh critique Uber frequently gets. As part of the company’s effort to do so, officials have even started to promote that their service can help to reduce drunk driving.

Their statement is an accurate one because for college students it is common to leave a bar late at night and be left waiting for a long time because of the lack of available taxis. An outcome to a time like this is for the student to try driving themselves, despite them being unstable.

The app is provided as a designated driver for these young adults when stuck in this occasional problem. To extend the idea that this app can be a go-to chauffeur in times when they are not sober gives Uber a better image and saves countless people at the same time.

Uber itself is one of the most useful and convenient apps because of its ability to help in resolving issues involving the frequency of driving when drunk.

The app should be available to all people in all places to prevent tragedies linked to drunk driving.