D.C. field trips should be canceled

ISIS threat needs to be taken seriously



An view of Washington D.C. showing the Capitol building and the Washington monument.

After the controversial massacre in Paris, many would assume that no one would risk the chance of another possible accident, yet others don’t take into account the great danger we may be in.

ISIS had released a video in which they threatened Washington D.C. and N.Y. Of course, the issue hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Several school districts have taken it into their own hands to ensure their students’ safety by canceling school field trips. However, the fact that some school districts, including FCPS, refused to cancel field trips to Washington is quite surprising.

For some students, the cancellations of field trips to D.C. after ISIS threats may be disappointing but it seems to be the most reasonable measure in order to ensure each student’s safety and FCPS should rethink their decision as well.

If other schools ban their field trips to D.C. due to possible terrorist attacks, then why won’t FCPS do the same? When it comes to students’ safety being at risk, the matters should be taken very seriously.

If someone threatens to shoot the school, they would immediately investigate and cancel school for a couple of days, so what’s the difference?

A student’s safety should be a priority at any time and school field trips should not be an exception. We can’t take the chance of having students injured and hurt when we can prevent something from happening now.

There are a bunch of risks and accidents every day due to different causes, but if we can just limit them, it would be less likely for them to occur.
The first step should be to keep students out of areas of high danger which at this point includes Washington D.C.

With holidays coming up everyone is preoccupied with holiday preparations, family, school and work.

However with these threats, our holiday spirit is deterred. Even so, the threat should be something that we are all aware of and should be cautious of.

ISIS has made many tremble with fear, leading some to question whether they feel safe and made a few people express their anger over the possibility that something like 9/11 can happen again.