McDonalds Breakfast: All Day, Everyday


McDonald’s is now serving breakfast all day. The popular fast-food restaurant has claimed they want to please all of their customers who enjoy McDonald’s breakfast. They no longer want to limit customers to a specific time slot where they can order from the breakfast menu.

“I think breakfast being served all day at McDonald’s is wonderful because whenever I go to McDonald’s it is mostly just for breakfast”, freshman Ric Garcia said.

This holds true for many other students who enjoy McDonald’s breakfast. Items from the breakfast menu are usually the most popular.

“I usually get an Egg McMuffin with hash browns”, Garcia said.

However, while some think breakfast all day is a great idea, it is just a business move by McDonald’s, which is completely absurd. Over the past several years, McDonald’s has lost many sales and customers to healthier and organic chains like Chipotle and Subway. It is ridiculous that McDonald’s is making an attempt to remain relevant in a time where people are trying to become healthier. McDonald’s using breakfast all day as an opportunity to increase profits and attract more sales is unacceptable. Some students have actually caught on to this tactic used by the popular fast food chain.

“I think breakfast all day is a bad idea because McDonald’s is just trying to keep their customers”, Javonte Durr-Cannon said.

Obesity has been on the rise in the past decade, about 13 million Americans ages 12-19 are obese and all day breakfast by McDonald’s is not helping the cause of making Americans healthier. It is time for the McDonald’s franchise to accept the fact that nowadays whenpeople are looking for a quick bite, they want a healthy alternative. AlthoughMcDonald’s has tried and tried again to prove that they have made healthy improvementsto their menu, it is fairly obvious that they are still so unhealthy by just looking at the fact that their salads come in at a whopping 500 calories. However, by looking at a franchise that has done anything in the past to be successful, from using “pink slime” in food to opening restaurants in 119 different countries, breakfast being served all day should not come to be all that surprising. For a fast food chain that has reached impossible highs in terms of profit in its many years of business, McDonald’s best business days seem to be out of the window. They may want to start looking out of the rear view mirror because it does not seem like they will be reaching the sales they used to be receiving currently. However, it is yet to be determined if “Breakfast any time” will do its job and raise McDonalds’s sales again.