Conservative titles censored

Conservative titles censored

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest social media networks has come under fire for alleged political bias. Tech news website Gizmodo reported that Facebook has been censoring its “Trending News” column to block out conservative news stories.

The accusations have sparked criticism, especially among right wingers who have long felt that Facebook has been suppressing the amount of conservative perspectives.

According to Gizmodo, who interviewed numerous news curators, media covered by conservative sources would purposely not be displayed in the feed unless it was covered by larger news sources such as the New York Times, BBC or CNN.

This is a big problem, as more than 222 million people in the United States and Canada are active users on the website. Many of these people use the website as their primary news source. Censorship is also a sensitive topic in the United States and is looked down upon by the majority.

Facebook has responded to the claims by denying all of the allegations. The website said and its staff follow a strict set of guidelines in choosing which articles and news sources are present.

Facebook’s top executives have all expressed their liberal viewpoints. Facebook has also said that its changing feed is done through a specific algorithm, and that no manipulation was involved.

Regardless of whether or not the claims are accurate, Facebook and all social media platforms should never be selective of its trending news topics.