Celebrities must atone for mistakes


Celebrities are quickly becoming a household topic. Even  parents are up to date on all things in the entertainment world.

From sex scandals to drug possessions, famous actors and singers have been known to avoid the harsh penalties of the law.

Back in 2014, Emmy award winning actress and writer Lena Dunham published a book of personal essays about her life titled “Not that kind of girl.”

In the book, she talked about sexually abusing her younger sister. This response received mass amounts of backlash, so much that Dunham’s book tour got cancelled.

While Dunham received large amounts of hate and criticism, no legal action was taken against her. In fact, the television that got her to be an academy award winner, Girls, is still on HBO today.

While the topic was controversial within itself, the police or local authorities should have taken some sort of precaution and launched an investigation.

If this was any other person, severe actions would have been taken to determine the validity of her statement.

In more recent news, Chris Brown has had another run in with law enforcement. With his LA home being surrounded by choppers and police cars for nine hours.

The police were tipped off that Brown had a gun in his house, which violates his probation.

With any other civilian, it is highly unlikely that the police would have given them a nine hour period to come out of his house. Brown went to social media to prove his innocence.

Again, this would not have been something tolerated if it was a normal person.

The law should not be something that is avoidable for people who can sing really well or can act.

These two celebrities are just a few examples of how people in powerful positions can manipulate law enforcement, and even their fans, to automatically assume they are innocent.

Many of these people are still being highly praised and supported in the industry today. While actions against them do not necessarily have to be severe legal actions, they should have some repercussions against their actions.

Sometimes, they do get called out on social media, but fans continue to be loyal no matter the circumstances.

The only thing that separates celebrities and their fans is money, which should not determine a person’s guilt or innocence.