Beauty does not equal pain

Casey Nguyen, Staff Writer

ight off the runways of New York City, London, Milan, and Paris, fashion trends are copied and adjusted to apply to everyday, normal life.


But does it all really matter? We have to get dressed every day and we do not have the luxury of a choice in this matter. However, we do have the choice on what we choose to wear. It makes sense to some to always dress their best, no matter how uncomfortable they are in it. Because what does it matter? Beauty equals pain right? Wrong.


Clothing is not important. It is not what matters right now in our lives. It does not benefit our future in any way, shape, or form. How good one looks every day will not promise someone will get into college. It will not help a student pass their exams nor their classes. And it will definitely not assure a sustaining and happy future.


Every morning, each one of us wakes up a ragged mess with hair sticking up and drool down to our chins. Eventually, after cleaning up a bit, we exit the comfort of our homes dressed in the attire that best expresses our personal style. Either based on the environment, situation, or other circumstances, our personal style is how we best express ourselves.  


But realistically, the outfits we wear every day does not change the world. It has no moral value.


Clothing is like cooking. We have to eat every day, just like how we have to get dressed every day. But cooking, like clothing, is not important. It has no ability to change people’s lives and improve the world. Fashion ranks below school, work, family, and friends.


Yes, personal style and fashion is a wonderful and great way to express ourselves. But it does not have the depth or originality of fiction or poetry because everyone is just copying each other. Ultimately, there is a clone clothing behavior. Inevitably, everyone tries to be more unique by mimicking the latest trends or even get “inspired” by celebrity street styles. There is no need to go to such extreme lengths. You are who you are and you just need to accept that.


Sometimes the fashion industry seems to forget this. And sometimes, in our own way, so do we.


Dress simply, intelligently, comfortably and well. And don’t take it too seriously. Beauty does not equal pain, it equals comfort. In the long run, sometimes a shirt is just a shirt. Shoes are just shoes, and handbags are just handbags.