The Hard Work Behind Leadership

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

When an event is upcoming or in the progress of being prepared, students of leadership set out to seek information as to what students of AHS are interested in.


Behind the scenes do you as a student ever wonder about the thought process that is put behind idea and events prepared by Leadership?


Events are usually thought of as uninteresting and some might even say boring. Students say make such comments, but never seek to learn more about what it really takes to plan and present.


As a student I wonder as to why most students never pay attention to the posters worked on outside of class, I thought about what can be done to make events such as pep rallies more entertaining.


It was surprising to hear that most things considered fun parts of pep rallies such as tug of war have been banned. Leadership is often not permitted to do what most students consider entertaining and fun.

“People should actually attend the pep rallies to be more open-minded, instead of jumping to conclusions,” junior Leadership student Sindy Amaya said.


Leadership students spend hour after hour preparing events for our student body. They volunteer their time to ensure our four years of high school are the best they can be. Instead of admiring their efforts and thanking them, we laugh and critique them for every small mistake made.


“We are students too and we make mistakes, wouldn’t it be better to bring ideas up front instead of judging from afar?” junior Abby Katila said.


Therefore, take your time to look and recognize the hard work put into all of the posters and events. Think hard on what really goes behind it all. Their efforts have made our stress-filled lives eventful and interesting. Everything they do is for our benefit and our pleasure. It is time we thanked them for it.